Join us in Carlsbad, CA - 8/21 - 8/23!
Our Team


The folks behind the scenes making it all happen.
Headshot of Chris Williams
Chris Williams
Founder, Talk Selection Committe
Headshot of Dr. Tara Lindahl
Dr. Tara Lindahl
Organizer, Travel Coordinator
Headshot of Derek Lindahl
Derek Lindahl
Organizer, Sponsor Wrangler
Headshot of Brian Sinclair
Brian Sinclair
People Ops, Scholarship Selection Committee
Headshot of Linda Nichols
Linda Nichols
Showrunner, Scholarship Selection Committee
Headshot of Alicia Lauermann
Alicia Lauermann
Showrunner, Scholarship Selection Committee, Talk Selection Committee
Headshot of Troy Connor
Troy Connor
Showrunner, Scholarship Selection Committee, Talk Selection Committee
Headshot of Chris Pernicano
Chris Pernicano
Vendor Outreach


Our amazing MCs will make sure everyone is having a blast and the show runs smoothly!
Headshot of Sonia Gupta
Sonia Gupta
Headshot of Erin Atkinson
Erin Atkinson
Headshot of Samantha Bretous
Samantha Bretous
Major League Soccer


NodeBots is one of the easiest ways to learn robotics with Javascript. This team of experts will teach you everything you need to know!
Headshot of Rick Waldron
Rick Waldron
Headshot of Suz Hinton
Suz Hinton
Headshot of Lyza Danger
Lyza Danger
Cloud Four
Headshot of Donovan Buck
Donovan Buck


What could be better than mixing electronics with water? Take to the open seas by building your very own Javascript-powered boat.
Headshot of Sara Gulotta
Sara Gulotta
Headshot of Nathan Gulotta
Nathan Gulotta
Fleet Admiral of the NodeBoats Navy
Headshot of Nick Hehr
Nick Hehr
Open Collective
Headshot of Samantha Goldstein
Samantha Goldstein
Headshot of AJ Fisher
AJ Fisher


Want to take your skills to the next level? Learn how to control a quadcopter using the power of Javascript! But please, steer clear of the chandaliers.
Headshot of Kevin Old
Kevin Old
Headshot of Sandeep Mistry
Sandeep Mistry
Headshot of Luis Montes
Luis Montes
Iced Dev
Headshot of Paul Chin, Jr.
Paul Chin, Jr.
Cloudreach, LLC


Why limit yourself to the confines of an enclosed space? Launch a microcontroller hundreds of feet in the air and rely on your Javascript skills to get it safely back down to Earth!
Headshot of Gabriel Dayley
Gabriel Dayley
Headshot of Tom Valletta
Tom Valletta
Kuali, Inc.
Headshot of Dallin Osmun
Dallin Osmun
Headshot of Steven Olsen
Steven Olsen