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Our Speakers

Announcing our Speaker Line-up!

We are announcing our Track A speaker line-up over the next few weeks on our Twitter feed. Follow us at @JSConfUS to get the latest updates!

Here is our line-up so far:

Billy Roh
Learning through Art: An Introduction to VR
Burke Holland and Jasmine Greenway
Discovering the true identity of @horse_js using Machine Learning
Caroline Dikibo
CivicHacking.JS: Helping your Community using JavaScript
Chad Hietala
Compilers: The Next Frontier In Web Performance
Feross Aboukhadijeh
The Most Annoying Website (aka "The Power of the Web Platform")
Gavin Joyce
Smartphone Symphony
Hannah Howard
RxJS: A Better Way To Write Frontend Applications
Jenn Schiffer
literally everything is pixel art
Juan Pablo Buriticá and Julián David Duque
The Butterfly.js Effect
Justin Searls
Please don't mock me
Kevin O'Neil
I See: Overcoming Challenges in Software Development
Kristofer Baxter and Malte Ubl
JavaScript Concurrency and the DOM
Laurie Voss
npm and the future of JavaScript
Mariko Kosaka
A quest to be a (web)master: How do you go from simple code to building great web experience?
Miriam Suzanne
Data-Driven CSS with Grid & Custom Properties
Myles Borins
Adventures in Ethical Computing
Neha Nivedita
How to be an a11y - Creating Accessible React Apps
Rachel White
Journey Into Imagination 💫
Tyler Bender
Package Reputation Tracking
Zachary Berry
Building a Javascript Video Synthesizer for Live Performance