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Our Speakers

AMP Track

The AMP Track includes a curated set of speakers that have submitted their proposals and have successfully made it through our selection process.

Billy Roh
Learning through Art: An Introduction to VR
Burke Holland and Jasmine Greenway
Discovering the true identity of @horse_js using Machine Learning
Caroline Dikibo
CivicHacking.JS: Helping your Community using JavaScript
Chad Hietala
Compilers: The Next Frontier In Web Performance
Feross Aboukhadijeh
The Most Annoying Website (aka "The Power of the Web Platform")
Gavin Joyce
Smartphone Symphony
Hannah Howard
RxJS: A Better Way To Write Frontend Applications
Jenn Schiffer
literally everything is pixel art
Juan Pablo Buriticá and Julián David Duque
The Butterfly.js Effect
Justin Searls
Please don't mock me
Kevin O'Neil
I See: Overcoming Challenges in Software Development
Kristofer Baxter and Malte Ubl
JavaScript Concurrency and the DOM
Laurie Voss
npm and the future of JavaScript
Mariko Kosaka
A quest to be a (web)master: How do you go from simple code to building great web experience?
Miriam Suzanne
Data-Driven CSS with Grid & Custom Properties
Myles Borins
Adventures in Ethical Computing
Neha Nivedita
How to be an a11y - Creating Accessible React Apps
Rachel White
Journey Into Imagination 💫
Tyler Bender
Package Reputation Tracking
Zachary Berry
Building a Javascript Video Synthesizer for Live Performance

Track B

The alternative track for JSConf US is driven by people like you! We have a very unique format in that we let anyone register to speak in a first-come, first-speaking format. These talks are generally from the full range of Node.js development and are some of the most exciting talks at JSConf.

Amir Rustamzadeh
I like my tests, like I like my friends, reliable and flake-free
Bernie Cheng and Gordana Jekic Dzunic
The loader is a lie: how to elegantly load a million or more data points
Bradley Spaulding
Universal React Applications with Redux
Bryan Hughes
Hacking With My Anxiety
Christina Kayastha
Democratizing Augmented Reality
Dylan Schiemann
React already did that - Developer ergonomics in 2018
Francis Gulotta
We Live in Memory: Making λ and GraphQL respond in 70ms
Guedis Cardenas
The joy of mentoring by taking the pressure off of it
Jeff Barczewski
Unlock the power of feature based JS development
Jeff Hoffer
We're the same you and me - A new Way ☯ to Align Programming Paradigms across Client & Server(less)
Juan Caicedo
Pattern matching in JS
Matt Claypotch
Browser Extensions
Michael Chan
Hot Garbage: Clean Code is Dead
Nick Nisi
No Time for Types
Patricia Arbona
A Tale of Two Bundles: A Lesson in Mentorship
Ravi Lachhman
What's in your JS?
Robert DeLuca
Testing Big in JavaScript
Suz Hinton
Exploring WebUSB and its exciting potential
Tim Doherty
ES6 In Practice